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Oct. 18th, 2009

Ugh...I am so tired, I'm starting to see things in multicolor.

It's been a hell of a week. Not a bad kind of hell, but I've just been getting a ton of work, on top of all of my college stuff, and my brain feels like its going to explode.

I've got 2 papers, notes and projects and regular homework AND college stuff.

At this rate, I'm going to turn into a zombie. D: And I don't wanna be a zombie, they scare me!!

What should I do? I need better time management skills, but I'm not good at that sort of thing...I need help...and sleep...
D: I'm taking the SAT tomorrow. Again.


I've accepted that my math abilities are subpar at best...but maybe a third time will bring that score up? Just a wee bit?

D: And after I do that I'm spending Sunday filling out applications and working on my portfolio...and then Monday is regular homework day...


God. Being a senior kinda sucks.

Does it get better after December? PLEASE SAY YES I DON'T KNOW HOW LONG I CAN TAKE THIS.

And I promise, I PROMISE, I'm working on France's HWZ fic. I am. It'll be done when it's done, I'm really sorry it's taking so long, but my schedule is sort of full and my inspiration is being drained by college...

I'm really, really sorry it's taking so long...I really am. It'll be up soon, I promise!!

Sep. 27th, 2009

Ugh, writer's block is a bitch.

I swear though, I AM working through it!! I'm working on the next bit of HWZ, which is gonna be France-centric, and I'm almost halfway there. So that'll be up sooner or later. And I'm also working on a Spain/S. Italy drabble request, but I need to actually think of a plot for that...but that's gonna be up sometime soon too.

I've just been so exhausted...school's started to overwhelm me, and I've only been back in for about a month! I've got papers, tests, projects, college stuff, clubs, dance, therapy, art, boyfriend...jeez, I like those last two things and I'm still gonna go nuts from overload!!

For anybody whose managed to make it past their senior year of high school without killing themselves: How the hell did you do it? How did you time manage, and what can I do to prevent myself from going completely batshit crazy?


Oh. And Halloween is coming up. I need a costume idea, and tips on how to make it. I was thinking of going as Canada, from Hetalia, but idk. I've got boots, glasses, and a polar bear plush...but everything else I'd need to make or buy...and that could be tough.

What are you all doing, and do you have any tips?

...God, I need to go to sleep. Maybe that'll keep my brain from exploding...
Ugh...writers block sucks. I want to write, I do!! I've got all these vague ideas floating about him my head, waiting to be expanded and written, but I can't figure it out!

So, I guess I need help...

I'll put some of my vagueish ideas up here, and maybe you guys can give me a hand? Most of them are HWZ related. Oh, and these aren't titles, these are just the names of the ideas.

1. The Kingdom of Sealand- What I've got for this is that, as a direct result of the zombie war, Sealand, which is basically a floating barge at sea, became...well, successful. They expanded and terraformed and became this big seasteading nation with a population and relations and trade and everything. So...Sealand became a real nation, essentially. BUT AT WHAT COST? :D That's sort of all I've got for that so far...Sealand being big and successful (but Peter is still physically young), and bragging...but I got nothing else. D:
2. The Japanese Evacuation/The Clearing of Japan- Ok, this one is tough, but it's a bit more planned out than the first one. Japan gets completely overrun by the zombies, the population flees to Russia, chaos and sad happens. Japan has to pretty much go to Russia for help, it's all very sad and painful, and it ends with him going back, reclaiming his old culture and ways, and kicking zombie ass samurai style. Problem is, I'm having a tough time filling in the details...
3. The Catacombs- This one is hard mostly because I am having such a HARD FRIGGEN TIME WRITING FRANCE. The Catacomb Battles were extremely tough and srs, and I don't do a good job writing France, he's a bad caricature in my hands...so he needs work. He's even worse to write than England was, and he was a BITCH to write. Assist?

My other ideas aren't so important right now, but they'll probably need fine tuning in the future as well....

TL;DR- Having issues writing, need assistant/assistants.

Oh, and I'm still sick. Joy.
...to make me realize how friggen BORING the internet is.

I mean, REALLY!! I sit here, all day, due to the inability to leave and see people cuz of my rather nasty head cold, and I do friggen NOTHING!! Do a few little things over at the Hetalia dressing room, but nothing consistent.

So, I'm bored...and boredom isn't exactly good for writing...

So, I think I wanna do a RP with somebody. ANYBODY. I haven't done a lot of one on one or small group stuff in a while (not since the insanity that was capslock_atlarp), but I really want to.


:D Anybody wanna do a Hetalia RP? Just for the fun of it/to keep me from ripping my hair out?
I can probably do America, Canada, England, Lithuania....well, basically anybody not Asian or Poland. :D And I like seeing Russia beat up Lithuania or be sweet to Canada. And maybe zombies there too, to keep my writing side from going dry. But again, I don't care, ANYTHING is good.

Its not a serious long term thing, it's just to keep me from going ABSOLUTELY NUTS.


PLEASE? I can't take much more of this....

Sep. 18th, 2009

You know, sometimes I wish I wasn't so cheap. Or, rather, that I actually had cash.

Because I really, REALLY want a paid account. Mostly for the icons, the lack of ads, the ability to edit comments...

Perhaps for Christmas, I shall ask for one.

And my cat? Yeah, he's an idiot of the highest degree. So, he goes to get surgery yesterday for blockage in his large intestine (urinary tract issues, lol). They give him a catheter to help him recover, and he was SUPPOSED to be home on Saturday.

Yeah, so after hours, when he's at the vets by himself? He pulls a retarded and PULLS THE CATHETER OUT.

Now, they have to wait and see if he doesn't need it, or if they need to put it back in and charge us MORE for him.

...Why are animals so stupid sometimes?

Oh. And I'm sick. Ha de fricken ha.

[FANFICTION] For Queen and Country

Title: For Queen and Country
Author/Artist: Rea, or geogirl15
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England,mentions of Sealand and America, and the following OCs- Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.
Rating: PG-13, violence, language, and bizzare sibling relationships. Also zombies.
Warnings: Violence and warfare, language, an implied crossover (YOU GOTTA FIND IT THOUGH), OCs, craploads of mentions of death, and a bit of angst.
Summary: It is the height of the zombie pandemic, and the United Kingdom goes to war.
Notes: I believe this is the first bit of H War Z that actually takes place DURING the zombie war, without flashing back to it. This is also the first fic to feature England, as well as Arthur's siblings, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
It was mentioned that the UK was largely unaffected by the zombie war, but I tweaked it a bit so there'd be some fighting and violence, but not a lot. Despite that, Artie and his family came out ok.
Again, I'm hoping to make this chapter a bit less serious, especially considering the last one...

OH. First one to spot the not WWZ related crossover gets a free internet cookie AND a drabble of their choice! If you know me, it should be fairly obvious! :3

This was coming from the man who could see faries and communicated with unicorns on a regular basis. Who was he to judge the impossible?Collapse )
D: Sometimes, I think there may be something wrong with me. I tend to obsess over things too easily, and ever since I got into Hetalia, I CAN'T FRIGGEN STOP.


And I thought for a while, hey, it's ok, it's just fiction and stuff!

Except now, I want to go over to the aph dressing room and roleplay as JEANNE D'ARC.

THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME!! I mean, yeah, when I was 8, she was the greatest thing since sliced bread in my eyes and I had like 6 books on her, but that doesn't really excuse my desire to ropleplay a historical figure...

Somebody talk me out of this! Or encourage this, either one. D:


Aw, fuck it. I'll do it. She's not an original character, it's not illegal, I'll meet new people, and maybe I'll get a chance to improve my elementary school level french.
please don't beat me up, internet...

Hetalia Fanart Meme

Ganked this from lokichan2004, because it seemed like fun.

Pick a number between 1-200, and I'll post the fanart that corresponds to that number. Feel free to pick multiple numbers. :) In fact, picking multiple numbers is encouraged!!
I didn't do ANY of this artwork, it's all from my various travels across the internet. So if you see something that's yours, I swear I didn't steal it D:
There should be no real bias here, but I kind of adore Russia, so there's a lotta him in here...:3 Oh, that crazy vodka loving bastard.

These are being hosted on photobucket, and I really don't plan on deleting them any time soon, but you may want to save them, just in case.
Once a number gets picked, I'll edit the journal so that there aren't a lot of multiples.

Go nuts.

3, 7, 13, 42, 54, 72, 101

'9', A Movie Review

Let's talk about '9', a movie set in an post-apocalyptic future where humans are gone and the only living things among the machines are 9 sockdolls with souls.

'9' was....well, to be quite honest, AWESOME.

I was surprised, to be honest, that it was as good as it was. I was concerned that it'd be light on the story and would be all like 'oooh look at us with our big fancy animation'.
And I guess, to a certain degree, it was.

But the story was good, and I liked the characters, which, in a movie like this, is EXTREMELY important. They were all good characters, and it was a good movie. Scared me a number of times, and made me cry at least twice.

But despite the fact it was good, I do have some complaints...

1- the length. Most people complain about their movies being too long, but '9', to me, felt too short!! It made everything seem a bit rushed, especially in the beginning, and while it did slow down a bit near the end, the shortish time length did cause constraints that could have been avoided if they'd just made it longer.

2- the plot. I liked the story, I really did. I just think there was a LOT of backstory that wasn't told, which may have been caused by the time constraints. I was curious. I wanted to know more about the scientist, the chancellor, the war and the machines, where the movie took place, what time frame it was in, why 9 took longer than the other sockdolls to wake up, EVERYTHING!!
They did a good job with what they had, but I really, REALLY wanted more.

3- flashbacks. They did a few, and the one I'm talking about in particular shows how 5 lost his eye. I liked it, it showed how the sockdolls survived while the robot war was going on, but again, I wanted more! Why was 1 always hiding, why did he dislike 2, why was 8 so loyal to 1, how, when, and why did 7, 3 and 4 leave? We weren't told enough about the sockdolls OR the humans, which I think would have helped to give the film more depth.

And I know, there was a lot more background info in the viral marketing campaign, but you can't expect EVERYBODY to follow that! For the common people, I think a lot more backstory and info was needed.

And maybe some more character development, too. 9, 7, and 5 were pretty well rounded, as was 6. 3 and 4, who didn't talk, were harder to show depth with, but they came off ok. 1, 2, and 8 came off a bit one sided, and 8 in particular seemed to be hit hard, with little dialogue, little screentime, and little explanation for why he's the way he is.

But overall? '9' was a good film! Dark, creepy, good. GREAT soundtrack, BEAUTIFUL animation, great voice acting. I had my complaints, yes, but I really did like it.

So that's '9'. Everybody should go see it, because it really is a good film, and it cost a lot of money to make.
If it tanks, good films like it become more difficult to get made, so everybody go support the film! Buy tickets, see it with friends, spread the word!!

AND, a few brief spoilers for the next bit of H War Z. It won't use flashbacks, as it will be set DURING the zombie war. It will star England, and have some OC's there as well.
Instead of flashbacks, there will be a flashFOWARD at the end.

>:3 that is all.

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